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St. Vitus Cathedral, Prague Castle, Prague.

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José Tomás en Nimes; Francia. Septiembre 16 de 2012.José Tomás at Nimes; France September 16th 2012
Piece of art..

México :’)

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Después de lo que he visto, de lo que he vivido en estos días, no queda más del antiguo Jaime.  


Tom Hurndall was a peace activist and an aspiring photojournalist. His photographs, alongside his journals, bear witness to the often terrible, sometimes uplifting, events he saw and experienced while living among families in Iraq, in a refugee camp in Jordan, and in the Gaza Strip. It was there on 11 April 2003 that he was shot in the head by an Israeli soldier while attempting to rescue a child who had been pinned down by gunfire. He died nine months later in hospital in London. RIP

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